3 Banner Print Photo Backdrops That Will Add Fun to Events

Nearly every major event now includes photo ops of celebrities or important guests standing in front of media walls. The backgrounds typically include product or business logos printed in a repeating pattern. These temporary walls are known as step and repeat backgrounds and are custom made for clients by printing specialists. The most common photo backdrop printing projects include pole pocket, tension fabric, and pop up styles.

Pole Pocket Styles Are Economical

The step and repeat back drop most often used is the pole pocket style. Clients routinely order the affordable style for trade shows, office parties, and launch events. Its portable walls are usually printed on vinyl and designed for easy setup. Customers can order prints in any color they want and most match wall colors to themes or events. Suppliers label each part of the displays and provide set up instructions. They generally recommend that two people tackle the projects because wall sizes begin at 8’x8′, which is awkward for a single person to handle.

Tension Fabric Models Have Elegant Finishes

Although vinyl backdrops are popular, many clients order tension fabric styles. Their walls have super clean finishes and they are easier to move because fabric is lighter than vinyl. Walls have pillow case prints that zip snugly around an aluminum frame. Tension fabric backdrops only take about 10 minutes to set up, primarily because the frame just snaps together. When completely set up, the only visible hardware is the feet. It typically takes two people to put the displays together.

Velcro Pop Up Backdrops Give Images Depth

Some clients opt for Velcro pop up media walls that have more depth than other types of backgrounds. The frames open like large accordions. When fully expanded, the printed fabric backgrounds adhere to frames with Velcro. Backgrounds include 12″ side walls and fabric stretches around them. The backdrops are popular with customers who need to use displays often because they set up in minutes and are easy to fold and carry.

Nearly every celebrity event includes portable displays that serve as backgrounds for photos. Also known as media walls, the backdrops are custom made and usually include a company name or logo printed in a repeated pattern. The most common types of backgrounds are pole pocket, tension fabric, and Velcro pop up styles.