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All You Need to Know about the Guided Meditation in Spanish and Why You Need It.

The truth is that students cannot process not retain everything that they have leaned in class, in one sitting making the traditional learning methods wrong. Some can retain as little as 10%, and yet this is the same kind of methods that they teach the languages with. The traditional methods only help you memorize the conjugations, the words and the vocabularies, sentences, and phrases that only so that you can pass the exam, and it is therefore not made to help you succeed. How fast and successfully you learn a new language is usually 80% your mindset and 20% the skills, and this is why this learning technique will never work for this. With the right mindset comes motivation, resilience, and confidence, and this is what you need to know that you will make mistakes and the use them to grow. This only happens when your brain is set and retained at maximum learning potential and this is what the app helps you with.

Most of the meditations are mind passive or body passive and this means that they are designed to relax your body and mind and take you into a deeper meditative state. This app, on the other hand, has the guide meditations that is designed to keep your mind active, by use of voice patterns that are higher in frequency and upbeat sounds. This indirectly keeps the mind active and boosts the brain power, and unlocks the system of the belief that helps your mindset maximize your learning potential. There is a meditation for each and every of the typical Spanish curriculum, from the formal to the casual conversations and situations that you may have in Spanish.

If the situations are personal, your brains will be more likely to relate to the Spanish lessons. Things that affect your learning process like the confidence, the anxiety, the resiliency and since there are also the meditations for them. There is also the mindset tracker, and this feature generally analyses how you feel before the meditation and after the meditation. With the analyses, it is easier to tell what exactly works better for you and the changes that can be made. Changing or improving something is usually pretty hard when you cannot measure it and that will not be a problem here. When your mind is clear, you also have the right mindset, learning automatically becomes easier and this is what you need to learn a new language faster and more effectively, and what the guided meditation gives you.

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